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A Uniquely Personalized & Comprehensive Editorial Partnership

"The clearest measure of one's success is the extent to which it moves others to succeed."
~Jill Eastwood, Ed.

A Commitment to Excellence

With over 30 years of corporate background, supporting the top-echelon executives in some of the largest corporations in our country, Jill brings unique benefits to her clients. This broad experience not only allows her to conduct unusually comprehensive editorial support, but within all research disciplines. Although text content is not involved in the edit, her expertise and extensive background within various industries only serve to further benefit those she supports.

In addition to over 800 graduate students who have successfully submitted dissertations/theses the first time through graduate offices across the country with her support, Jill has also served as a freelance editor for Sage Publications, editing entire journals for this major publisher. She has also supported a large group of researchers within the famous Karolinska Institute in Sweden to assist them in gaining greater publication success in this country and wider recognition of their important work, as well as researchers in Australia, Korea, Canada, and many other areas across the globe.

Jill also supports book authors, editing both original manuscripts and doctoral dissertations that have been transformed into journal articles and book copy, ensuring adherence to required publisher guidelines.

Jill supports a wide base of graduate students in the military with effective processes designed for distance.

This editor offers a strong added expertise in perfecting and polishing documents created by writers for whom English is a second language. Jill is also known for her support of many authors challenged with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and other unique learning "hurdles" through their doctoral programs and on to book and journal publication and careers in high-level academic and corporate positions.