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A Uniquely Personalized & Comprehensive Editorial Partnership

"Concern for man himself and his fate must always be the chief interest of all technical endeavors...
Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations."
~Albert Einstein

A Streamlined Process

Technology has not improved everything. The attempts by most editors to use Word Online Tracking with the high level of detail required of research documentation has left both graduate students and researchers significantly frustrated. Such attempts at online editing leave much room for error and overlook glaring editorial needs, not to mention the loss of valuable time and funds with the myriad passes of editorial markups becoming increasingly complicated to handle with each pass.

Jill's process has been perfected over 20 years and involves one pass toward rapid completion:

  1. Three attachments are e-mailed to Jill:

    1. The document for edit (from title page through last appendix page in one MS Word doc).

    2. A list of all headings included in your document, simply indenting your subheads to communicate your content leveling. If your document includes a Table of Contents, and all heading levels are reflected including minor run-in headings, simply instruct Jill to use your TOC for this editorial heading list.

    3. The university or publisher guidelines and any templates or supplemental documents you are also required to follow.

  2. The ink editorial markup, clearly noted with every recommended adjustment and editorial query for required missing pieces, is priority mailed to you for your review, query answers, any desired changes to the edits, and return to Jill.

  3. The edits and your notations are efficiently input simultaneously in the final phase of the process, a conference call answers any missed queries or needed clarity, and the perfected final document is emailed to you, beautifully formatted as required and ready for school submission.

This process is not only highly streamlined for you, but personalized. Jill is available to you throughout this partnership to answer any questions that will make your academic and career goals as easy as possible to achieve without loss of your original passion. There is never a charge for consultation of any kind at any time. You are invoiced only for the markup creation and subsequent computer input.

An expedited process is also available for overseas clients with unsual circumstances.