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A Uniquely Personalized & Comprehensive Editorial Partnership

"Knowledge is that which benefits, not that which is memorialized."
~Carl Sagan

Editorial Goals

Maximized author credibility

Your work is consistently presented in its best possible light, maximizing your credibility through highly professional presentation.

Dramatic stress reduction

This supportive partnership allows you the freedom to concentrate on matters of content as you further develop your own expertise within your chosen discipline, while all noncontent detail is polished as the expertise of this editor, within her own chosen discipline, is applied to your work. In this collaborative fashion, the common frustration and discouragement so often associated with attempting all aspects alone are eliminated.

Extensive savings in time and finances

With every detail combed, the ongoing revision requests are stopped, introducing far more rapid completion. In turn, the seemingly unending tuition and other related costs are also stopped as you are freed to devote your full time and concentration to your career.

Improved critical relationships

Submittal of clean, edited drafts will not only create more effective and productive student-advisor or author-publisher relationships, but will also allow you to glean far more expedient guidance from key content advisors.

Streamlined process

Working with this seasoned editor will familiarize you with an established, proven routine that you will have "at your fingertips" with any future literary projects. This efficient editorial process remains the same whether it involves dissertation/thesis documents or later grant proposals or journal or book manuscripts.

Highly effective learning

As you review editorial markups for any desired adjustments before the editing is input for you along with all final formatting, you will be learning without even trying. You will see yourself automatically applying edits you have reviewed in previous editorial markups as you construct the content of later projects.