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A Uniquely Personalized & Comprehensive Editorial Partnership

"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. It is the fuel that moves our souls."
~G. W. F. Hegel

Comprehensive Editing

When was the last time you wished you could just write about your area of passion and expertise, making the contribution you know you can make, without stressing over the never-ending detail totally unrelated to your field of interest? You've found that perfect partnership that will allow you to do just that.

This trusted expert will comb your documents for:

Ensured APA adherence

The expertise of this professional editor encompasses 20+ years perfecting APA research documentation. Her thorough knowledge of APA will be applied to every facet of your work to ultimately boost credibility of your content with documents polished for all related detail.

Careful attention to any supplemental guidelines

Universities, journal or book publishers, and grant sponsors typically have their own guidelines they also wish followed that directly correspond to the type of document you are submitting, whether it is a doctoral dissertation/proposal, master's thesis, journal article or book, or grant proposal. Adherence to all noncontent detail contained in these supplemental guidelines is the first editorial priority because they take precedence over the required writing style.

Polished punctuation and grammar

The worry over glaring errors of a basic nature is gone through collaboration with this editor who places an equal amount of importance on accuracy down to the very last comma. Presentation is everything. A professionally presented document equates to content that can be trusted without intense scrutiny.

Smooth, clear, and succinct sentence structure

One of the most valued benefits of this partnership is that dependable "third eye." Although content is beyond the scope of the edit, the text should be understood by any reader. Each and every sentence is read for awkward or unclear presentation and restructured to present your intended content with "crystal clarity" and meaning with the highest impact. Where too many words are draining impact, concise restatement will produce content with a "punch."

Optimized terminology for optimized credibility

Each sentence is also read for any opportunities to present both you and your work in a more scholarly manner. You are the expert in your technical terminology, so such improvement is sought only in the surrounding terminology—a partnership that results in optimized credibility.