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Research Support Services

ASGS.org supports graduate students working on their dissertations and theses through free services and modestly priced bulletins.

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Research Design and Statistics

Dissertation-Thesis.com provides expert assistance in all phases of the research process. James C. Moore, Ph.D., has supported graduate students for nearly 40 years from the beginning stages of topic selection, research design, and proposal preparation through statistical analysis, interpretation, and presentation of final results. Dr. Moore specializes in personalized support, ensuring prompt and in-depth attention to individual student needs.

DissertationSupport.com provides specialized assistance with overall research design, data-collection methodology including the design of appropriate survey instruments, and expert statistical analysis. Dr. Ed Tronaas has offered consulting services to over 200 doctoral students since 1990, brings a teaching background in research and statistics, and has served on oral-defense committees.

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Creative Writing

Wordstreaming.com is a six-week, two-hour workshop that guides writers into the world of creative writing. Whether you're a young student or progressing through graduate school or beyond, this weekly workshop offers a nurturing environment away from the daily grind to help you focus on flash fiction, novels, essays, memoirs, and more. Join us! The world awaits those treasured projects sitting on the "back burner" of your mind.

Forwriters.com is a great resource for writers of all types of content. This site provides advice about the creative process, how and where to market your work, great sources of reference material, information about upcoming conferences, and links to hundreds of accomplished authors and artists.